'Stage Plays'

Cosima - Wagner's Widow
A play about Liszt’s illegitimate daughter, who became Richard Wagner’s mistress and wife.

A staged reading on 5th June 2015 at RADA Studio Theatre was hugely successful with a glittering cast including Anne Reid, Steven Berkoff,
Vernon Dobtcheff and Sylvia Syms!
Blood on Their Hands

A new play which dramatizes two wartime massacres, exploring the motivations and emotions of those involved.

This play tells the WW2 stories of Paul Blobel and Robert Oppenheimer. Blobel was a German SS officer and Oppenheimer was an American nuclear scientist.

Starting with their recruitment we follow their different paths through the war years, both climaxing with appalling massacres – one being of Jews in Ukraine and the other being of atom bombs exploded over Japan.

Subsequently, both of the protagonists come before judgmental tribunals for quite different reasons, but they both suffer the consequences: one by being hanged and the other by being politically ostracized before ultimately regaining his prestige.

Finally, the audience is prompted to draw a moral conclusion on the outcomes of these two very different stories.

Shakespeare's House

A new play ‘Shakespeare’s House’ is based on tragic and scandalous events in the great manor house he purchased in
Stratford-upon-Avon that become significant influences on the writing of ‘Hamlet’.

A haunting tale of murder, fraud and scandal with its roots in historical fact about the three families that lived consecutively at ‘New Place’ – the Botts, Underhills and Shakespeares.

The play dramatises real and imagined events at the house in which he lived from 1597 until he died in 1616. The tragedies in the lives of past and present residents intertwine with their ghosts and help shape the fate of one of Shakespeare’s best known tragic heroes.

Marlene - Life is for Loving!

A musical play. Marlene Dietrich was one of the most famous stars in the history of stage and screen.

Her long career, which started in cabaret in Berlin in the late 1920s, continued through the earliest silent movies into talking pictures. It included a significant period of entertaining US troops during World War 2. Finally, she returned to cabaret all over the world, but especially London and Las Vegas in the 1960s and ’70s, where her stage charisma was legendary.

Her life story is one of great dramatic tension with her fatherland and of extraordinary professional will and personal weakness. She had more lovers than probably any other public figure in history, yet she died a lonely recluse.

This musical portrays all of these facets of her life using Mansell’s original music. It is not a review of her songs.

Will'm-S: Shakespeare Sings

A Short Soundbyte

Six minutes of extracts from the audio recording.

Shakespeare’s intriguing life is highlighted by his scandalous love for a ‘dark lady’ and a ‘man right fair’ in Mansell’s musical play.

Shakespeare is unquestionably the most famous playwright in world history, but surprisingly little is known about him. This musical dramatizes his rise to fame, his unexpected down-fall and his ultimate achievement of immortality. Mansell’s romantic and upbeat music brings a refreshing life to his story.

A Short Soundbyte

Six minutes of extracts from the audio recording.

A Short Soundbyte

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Piano music (complete 1967-2012)

Piano Nocturne in D flat (2015)

Secular Choral Music:

Songs of Love and Death (Shakespeare) (for SATB and piano)

Seven songs Sad and Gay (ee cummings) (for SATB and piano)

Come away, come away death (Shakespeare) (for SATB and piano)

Play the Tuba (for SATB piano and tuba)

Out of a Silence (SATB a cappella)

The Voice of Silence (SATB a cappella)

We the People (SATB and piano)

Sacred Music:

1. Introit – O come let us sing unto the Lord

2. Paean – organ Prelude

3. Paean – Anthem ‘I thank you God’

4. Paean – organ Interlude

5. Paean – organ Postlude (with handbells)

6. Rejoice and Sing (Christmas Carol)

7. Be merciful unto me O God

8. Great God of Power

9. The Lord’s Prayer

10. O Lord our God, whom Saints and Angels

11. Solus ad Victimam

12. Thy Kingdom Lord we long for

13. Oh Christ, lead on

14. Lord of my heart’s elation

15. O day of light and gladness

16. Eternal power of earth and air

17. Amen – ‘to life’

18. Ring the bells for Christian worship

19. Amen – organ postlude